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Welcome to the Nürburgring eSports in Zürich Opfikon's, the premier destination for exciting Sim Racing experiences - where speed meets precision and Virtual Drive meets Real Fun!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice looking to unleash your inner racer, our Full-Motion simulators and immersive technology guarantee an electrifying ride for all skill levels.

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing on over 70 iconic tracks from around the world, chosing one of the over 350 available cars, all from the comfort of our sleek and modern facility. Our meticulously crafted simulators provide the ultimate realism, putting you right in the driver's seat of your favorite supercars and formula racing machines.

But it's not just about the racing – it's about the atmosphere. Feel the buzz of competition as you go head-to-head with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts in our multiplayer races. Or, immerse yourself in the camaraderie of our community events and tournaments, where the spirit of friendly rivalry fuels the excitement.

Ready to rev up your engines and take on the challenge? Book your race session now and prepare to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime at Zürich Opfikon's premier Nürburgring eSports Sim Racing Lounge & Bar. Let the race begin!

Where we are?

Nürburgring eSports Bar

Stelzenstrasse 2

8152 Opfikon ZH


044 542 68 96


Our Offer


25,00 CHF

10 minutes

The package for motorsport fans who want to gain their first experience in our Full Motion Simulator. Driving aids for beginners.


40,00 CHF

20 minutes

The package for motorsport fans. Single drive in our Full Motion Simulator, with free choice of track and vehicle. Driving aids for advanced drivers.


50,00 CHF

30 minutes

The package for the Nürburgring eSports advanced customers. Single drive in our Full Motion Simulator. Now you can drive on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, with free choice of vehicle. Driving aids "get real"!


85,00 CHF

60 minutes

The package for the Nürburgring eSports Pro Racer. Drive in our Full Motion Simulator, with free choice of vehicle and track. Driving aids "get real"! Driving time: 1h


80,00 CHF

60 minutes

1x 10 minutes free practice + 1x 30 minutes session + 1x soft/beer + 1x 10 minutes free drive for your next booking


50,00 CHF

30 minutes

5 minutes Practice / 5 minutes Qualifying / 15 minutes Race minimum 4 Drivers


85,00 CHF

60 minutes

10 Minuten Training / 15 Minuten Qualifying / 25 Minuten Race minimum 4 Drivers


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